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A guide to Tableau Conference for the invisibly ill (and their friends)

If, by chance, you're reading this from America, then there's a 50/50 chance you have a chronic medical condition. If you do, there's a 96% chance your condition is "invisible", or shows no obvious outward signs that a person could recognize.

Assuming you're in that category, it's estimated that you've got a one-in-ten chance that this invisible illness is, at least in some ways, disabling. As these are all subsets, that leaves you with a 5% chance of reading this with a disabling invisible illness (ignoring the fact that the invisibly ill may have been more likely to click on this).

That's the conservative estimate. A higher estimation is at 10%.

So, let's do the math on Tableau Conference: over 17,000 people attended in 2018. That means that, statistically speaking, we can "expect" between 850 and 1,700 people will have an invisible disability (of course, assuming the same number of people attend in 2019, and assuming that invisibl…

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