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Telling powerful stories (and a thank you)

There I am, sitting at a table in Fanalytics at Tableau Conference, a session dedicated to the #datafam community around Tableau Public. I had just competed in the 2019 IronViz after two grueling days of practice and rehearsals. I was exhausted, barely aware of my surroundings, trying to soothe a pulled back muscle, and frantically trying to respond to messages from my family that had live-streamed the event.

So, I didn't immediately react when my name was called for the Tableau Wannabe Podcast's Data Storyteller Extraordinaire award, an award based on nominations and votes from the #datafam community. I heard my name, but it was kind of lost in an echo chamber between my ears - in part because of fatigue, but also in part out of disbelief. I think I hid the tears fairly well, and didn't really say anything when I accepted the trophy, but this was the most heartwarming and validating award I'd ever received. This award was described in conjunction to my [co-]winning th…

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