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Get your [IronViz!] story straight!

IronViz 2020 is here! Last year I wrote a step-by-step summary of my IronViz feeder process . This year, I thought I'd dive a little deeper into storytelling specifically.  Without further ado... Start with your interests, not the theme This year's theme is Health and Wellness , which you may or may not find interesting.  Honestly, it doesn't matter! We look at Health and Wellness and think about nutrition, exercise, healthcare and medicine, mental health, the exhausting COVID, even racism ( which many communities are now declaring a public health crisis ).  But health and wellness extends into every avenue  of human life — especially the "wellness" part. Interested in music or art? Look at how they contribute to health and wellness, and perhaps the topics of art and music therapy. Are you passionate about wildlife or ecology? You could look at how biodiversity is important for environmental health, or the subject of veterinary epidemiology. Interested in Legos?

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