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New job, who dis? (and a lesson for your next career move)

I'm a senior in college, presenting my [statistically insignificant] behavioral economics research poster to New York Times' bestseller Dan Ariely. At the end of our discussion, he offers funding to continue my research. I decline, telling him that I want to be a folklorist and poet.  I'm a year past graduation, staring at two offer letters for graduate folklore programs. After a year of ethnographic research into the folklore of hookah smoking, my resume is finally strong enough for a yes. I'm 23, and a year into my graduate program, but far from my campus. A new medical diagnosis made grad school feel insurmountable, and I craved the support system I called home. In one browser window is my draft withdrawal letter, and in another is a list of local job postings. I'm 25, filling out a background check for a new job: business intelligence consultant . I have no idea what this means. My walls are still lined with my inelegant attempt to teach myself SQL: presentation

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